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Fuck Dat

Denton County 2004



Fuck dat

You boyz

Done dissed me

For da last time

Dis ain’t no joke

I’m livin broke

I’m bout ta lose my mind


So fuck dat

I’m catchin cases

Over tryin to eat

Go right ahead

And lock me up


I’m packin heat


So fuck dat

I’m sick and tired

A bowin

Down ta hoes

Day shake my hand

And call me kin

Because I move dey bows


So fuck dat

You hoes done

Used me for da last time

Once was my friends

But now you foes

So catch da flat line




Fuck dat homeboy

You bout ta lose ya brain

Wit out you blockin, it’s

Hella hard tryin to maintain

A hundred niggas wait in line

Trying take my place

Forensic units on da scene

Matchin bones ta face

I aint no killa

I’m just trying to see tomorrow man

His life or mine dats what he said

I thought he was my friend

But real friends seem ta show dey self in da end

My lil homie blew a mil just on my defense

I’m feelin blessed some really know who I am

Dey tell da jury I’m a monsta but I’m a good man

I help everyone I meet I even helped da victim

I met a woman who got kids I tell her bring ‘em wit cha

I sold drugs so dey tell ya that I poison streets

At thirteen I dug in trash just so I could eat

Wit all of dis dey try ta tell you dat I had a chance

But look again don’t fuck dis up

My life’s in yo hands

Dey sucked me dry and now dey want me just ta rott in prison

Dey make a livin out a lyin through da justice system

Dey know tha truth but they don’t care dey wanna send me with him

Wit morphine and den a big ass shot of yanide

They dope me up and den they smile when I close my eyes!

I’m standin here and I’m beggin you ta let me go

I got a girl who might be pregnant, and she’s got no home

So take a stand right now against this very evil man

Just look him in his eyes and smile, den tell his ass….

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(Please Take Me In)

Denton County 2004

My fatha used ta tall me not to

Live wrong

Just stay strong

Cause one day

You’ll look around

And you’ll be on your own

A lot of people find it hard

Just to live their lives too many

Kids I beat

And seein hungry nights

What will u do when god comes

And its your turn

Beneath your feet, you know what’s there

I know you feel tha burn

You look him in his eyes

And tell him it was a hard life

Please take me in although I sinned

I know I

I lived it right 

(Lil Mama Don’t Cry)

Denton County 2004

Lil mama don't cry - wipe the tears from ya eyes

You ain't gone make him come back just

By starin in the sky

If there's a place in this world

Where the lost souls roam

Why don't you tell me where it is

So I can bring em back home

I'm sick and tired of all this bullshit

Tired of losin my friends

We glorify the 1-8-7 but we know its a sin

Why do we do tha things we do

Why do we live this way

Why do we go to a playground

Grab the tek and spray

It’s a senseless thing to do and I don’t

Care what you say

What we need to do right now

Is take a knee and pray

Cause the man's coming home

He's here to check all sins

And when he opens up the books

I hope that I’m gettin in

Cause I tried to be nice

And live my life right

I take the place of baby daddys

That snuck off in the night

So recognition you can keep

It's real love dat I need

I hope I find it in those gates

The one place it should be 

Can Anyone Hear Me

Denton County 2004

I'm just askin can anyone hear me

Oh i-yyy

I'm just askin does anyone feel me

Oh i-yyy

I'm 'just askin to the ones that are dear to me

Oh i-yyy

I'm just askin from in here can you hear me


I'm screaming so loud my own ears hurt

Can anyone hear me?

I'm screaming calling your name

Can anyone hear me?

I'm screaming at the top of my lungs;

I shouldn't be here,

I don't belong here

Can anyone hear me?

I'm screaming I’m a good man

I'm not a murderer

Can anyone hear me?

I've screamed all I can

My throat hurts now

Can anyone hear me?

I'm listening now

Waiting to hear your voice screaming back

I can't hear you

Can anyone hear me?

I'm Just Asking

Denton County 8/28/2004

I’m just asking; while I’m here

Do you fear for me?

See through the lies and look

Straight in the heart of me?

Respect the man that you say

I really am?

And hold me down cause on my own

It’s so hard to stand!

When I lose, will you be

Taking the loss for me?

When I die, would you pray

At the cross for me?

At my trial, when they’re

Locking me up forever;

Would I deserve your love then,

And get treated better?

If my son asks what kind of

A man I was,

Would you hate and tell lies

Like his mother does?

Or would you give him

The good times and good memories?

And raise him right to have

Love and respect for me?

Do I deserve to have their smiles

Instead of frowns?

They all were here when it was good

But just check it out now!

When I was out, they always got

What they wanted from me

Now that I’m gone, they

Can’t watch over my girl for me!

If she was pregnant, would it be

Any different man?

Would they give me what I need

With two empty hands?

I’m in this cage and it’s killing

A part of me

So I’m just asking, I’m just asking

Can you hear me? 

I Tried

Denton County 2004

I tried ta do right

Tried ta live and not ta sin

Tried ta do right tried it time and time again

But now it’s all gone

And I’m lookin at da pen

I took a man’s life

Will I see da streets again

Dis crazy fucked up world

Got me sittin wonderin

The kinda man I was

Will I eva be again

I tell ya this much

Des walls could truly break a man

I’m screamin out ta god

Said I tried I tried I tried 

I tried ta do right

Tried ta hold my people down

Pull my head out the clouds

And keep my feet on tha ground

But no matta what I did

I found it hard just ta live

2002 I lost my father

A year before I lost my kids

So what was I to do

My world was spinnin round and round

I put my hands out ta grab

But I couldn’t slow it down

If anyone had a problem

I always knew just what to do

Dey kept on bringing theirs to me

Like if I didn’t have em too

I was elping everyone and pretty soon

Dey sucked me dry

And when dey locked me down in county

Dey just left me here ta die

Its da story of a man

Who was good and loved to give

But now I’m broke and on death row

So fuck me right, my life ain’t shit! 

(Happy Being Hood)

Denton County 2004

See that twinkle in my eye

I'm flossin and feelin good

Playin grabass with some leather

My knuckles molestin wood

You could write a check tomorrow

But let it be undastood

That no amount could eva

Change me

I'm happy just being hood

I don't concern myself with havin

Or chasin those finer things

I'll take a $40 room

A hood rat and 2 sweets

Hold up (breath) hell yeah

A mexican had to breathe

I need a box of baking soda

A pyrex and 2 oz's

Put it down 4 Houston TX

Don't make me pull a lil puppet

Take my shank to ya neck 

In Da Hood

Denton County 2004



Duh dodododododa



You could find me in da hood playaaa

Ridin spokes grippin wood playaaa

Candied out lookin good playaaa

And ya know its undastood playaaa


Verse 1

Dey call me Hood

And I rep fa houston, tx

Know ta sale drugs

Hold guns, and wear vests

Who's next

At da top a my list

Bar no plex

And keep an extra clip

Just fa you

So whatcha wanna do

Got clicked in been down since "92"

You boys wanna lie

And fake how ya live

When ya lookin down my chrome

Ya break and shed tears

To real fa ya boys

To do me like ya wanna

I could snuff ya ass out

Too late I think I’m gonna

Muthafucka I’m death

You could see it in my eyes 

Dey wanna keep me outa sight

Lock down until I die

Well dey caint

But dey think dat dey should

Wanna make me look bad

Hold up I’m too good

So if ya lookin for a playa

It's already undastood

Where I’m at just like my name

You could find me

In da hood


You could catch me on da slab playaaa

Smokin weed givin daps playaaa

Buck skin on my ass playaaa

So whatcha know about dat playaaa



Verse 2

Whatcha know about da slab

And streets da we run

Whatcha know about sellin dope

And totin guns

Whatcha know about da licks

And crimes da we done

Whatcha know about d.a.'s

And pleas to murder one

I'm da realist mutha fucka

Dat you probly eva meet

But when I’m gone

Thru dis song

Leave a livin memory

I was young

I was dumb

Bug nuts

Full a cum

Chasin sweet thru da room

Buck naked having fun

Dats how I was

Buck wild

Live fa money, hoes, and wood

Dope sales and hard timez

Is all I undastood

Slow it down is what dey said

And I really knew I should

But instead I was mashin

To happy just livin hood

Was a crazy fast life and

I guess it had ta be

When I’m gone

Play dis song

Smoke a sweet and think of me

It’s Time

I think it’s time to hit the block

And roll on these boys

24 years broke

And I can’t take it no more

They keep on tellin me it’s coming

Man the money and fame

But I ain’t feeling what they mean

Cuz all I’m counting is change

I done did dirt, put in work

And hustled dope off the block

And it’s a muthafuckin shame

All my shit fit in a box

But it ain’t over muthafucka

Got some shit up my sleeve

So all ya scary ass niggaz

Raise up, it's time to leave

Cause dez hardtimez niggaz

Ain't goin' stop till we make it

You could pull my fuckin' card

Butcha neva catch me fakin'

Hard Timez

Hard Timez

Hard Timez 

(You Can See It)

You can see it in my eyes

Homeboy I’m down ta ride

Down ta tota a 45

Homeboy I’m down ta die

Tryin' ta own da fuckin' streets

Big 8s ta whole keys

And any niggaz in my way

I'm leavin' em on dey knees


I been really itchy lately

Needa cop me a vest

Pissed off a gang

Of hoe ass niggaz

Now they aimin for my chest

Premonitions of death

I can't expect any less

Because tha life I live is crazy

Niggaz hate cause I’m tha best

I'm well aware one day

Dis game'll cost me my life

But I would do it all again

If I could sleep through tha night

It's suicide tryin make me walk away

From dez streets

I need ta take my 45

Trade it in on some beats

Cause the rate that I’m movin

I'll end up like the rest

I just wanna close my eyes

No premonitions of death 


This cold world got me stressin’

How tha fuck I’m a eat

I’ve paid dues - broken rules

And stolen shoes off feet

A world dis hard - it’s impossible

For a man not to sin

But every child dat they abandoned

Yea I took em in

I’ve busted knuckles - dripped with sweat

Just so they could eat

And neva gave unto myself

But dat was fine wit me

I did it all for tha


I still can’t get it man

Dis shady shit is killin’ me

But one day the Lord’ll

Look at me and have ta grin

Wit all the smiles dat I done made

I know he’ll let me in 


First things first

Much respect & love

Goes out to my pops

I knew his death would

Hit me hard but man

This pain won’t stop

I take comfort in the

Fact that he’s watchin’

Over me

But that don’t take away

The hate that I feel 

Ride or Die

(recorded version is different)

I choose to ride

Stack papa and move weight

Bet against the odds

Take chances and test my fate

45's to ya face

Remove ya chest plate

Houston TX breed em real

No doubt we aint cake

Muthafuckas try to test

Step up and leave throwed

Leanin to the left

Sideways and in the zone

HTM so thick

Boot up hit da streetz

Low, C, and Face

Houston and _________



Why U Call The Cops

You ignant fuck (slut or beep)

I'm sick and tired

Of you trippin

I'll have my lil

Cousin Kitty

Catch yo stupid ass slippin

I tell you what bitch

You must have nuts

Like some rocks

Cause if da law

Catch my ass

When I get out

We gone box! 

Stunt Stunnas

You know da deal

Da south be so real

Houston TX

Ta A-T-L

A breed wit no fear

Des "g's" is right here

Mad dog

Or straight stare

Get it right lil bitch

You steppin ta 3xl!

Da last grimy mutha fucka's

As far as da eye can see

Murda 1 out on bond

Still stuntin off in

Your streetz

If you want it

I can bring it

I hope ya packin heat

If dey ask who it was

Say Hood from HTE 

Sunset Pretty

As some south side niggas

You gone see us when we ride

Like a sunset on the beach

It ain’t shit without the tide

Sit back and realize

That south is on tha rise

Close yo eyes and visualize

Cause this is how we ride


How we ride niggaz

It's like 20’s and vogues

It's like a sunset on the beach

It's like a bitch wit no clothes

It's like yo foes gettin hit feelin pain

It's like banging down the block

It's like a walk in the rain

Me and my boys we rollin deep in my ride

And fuck dat broken head light

Cause it looks tight from the side

We smokin fry and leanin on pills

So fuck a little bitch pipe we blazin serious kill

We split tha sweets

Then I fill it right up

I check my belt

I check my lights

I check tha lean in my cup

So what’s tha deal

I gives a fuck how u feel

I only fucks with 2, 3 niggaz

Cause u know that they real

They keeps it trill

And they come stocked with steel

They got tha look like they don’t play 

Ain't What It Used To Be

Sellin dope ain't what it used ta be

Now days there's a hustler on every street

All da real muthafuckas dat usta get paid

Sit back and reminisce on good old days


Tellin stories bout how it used ta be

Cadillac's, new craigors, and velvet seats

Now it's candied out hummers and 20 inch blades

Drop 2 platinum hits and still ain't paid 

Mama's Cry

4 months in the county

With walls all around me

Now I’m on da streetz

I still be feelin boyz is crowdin me

Know what the hustle is

Put it down for hard timez

Wreckin and checkin

But I’m a do it with tight rhymes

HTM is tha click

It wont fall it wont fold

Get it right, thought you knew

Then if not now you're told

Many tears mama's cried

Many men done lost they lives

Will it stop I don't know

Can't tell for what the future holds

So when you standing on the block

White cup and tired eyes

Keep it real for HTE

Cuz we done made some mamas cry 

Da Last Meal

Da last meal, so how the fuck you gone feel

You fucks around wit 2, 3 niggaz

Cuz you know dat they trill

Dey keep it real

And dey come stock with steel

Tha kinda homies dat you roll wit

When scratchin’ up meals

So what’s da deal

I gives a fuck how you feel

Take off ya watch

Let lose ya strap

And kick dem hoes over here


9 deuce deville, & mangled bodies in fields

But that’s the price I gotta pay

To be the king of tha hill

(H-Town G’s)

Nigga don’t be frontin on me

Lil bitch I put ya to sleep

Recognize I’m a h-town g

Bumpin’ shit out tha 7-1-3

You should jus stop tryin’ be me

My kind, you could neva be

Life thru da eyes of a real tru “g”

Is some shit dat you’ll neva will see

You could live yo life like a fraud

Run round scared tryin’ look hard

So if you can’t take da pain

Then stay da fuck out da game!

Cause me and all my h-town g’s

Fidin’ lock down da fuckin’ streets

Gonna keep blowin’ weed, no seeds

Till da day I fuckin’ d-i-e

So if you eva see me

Step back and take a fuckin’ knee

Comin’ thru, it’s a h-town g

For all you frauds

Dat’s hustle city! 

World Wide Southside

You boyz get ready

Cause da south is goin’ worldwide

Some niggaz lie & be fakin’

How dey live dey lives

But in da south

We keep it real & throw dem thangs

What do you know about

Dem dead pills & syrup man

I been pushin’ weight from 45 to 59

Dis rap game is just an extra

For dez hard timez


He part of 3xl

And all you otha muthafuckers

Kiss my ass & den you go to hell

Cause I didn’t see

Not one of you niggaz comin’ up

And now u wanna do a show

And try to split my bucks

But I can’t break bread w/ dem niggaz

Who ain’t on my side

Cause da south is goin’ worldwide


I ain’t goin stop

Until I see

Tha worldwide southside

Where ballas mash & stay hustlin

Thru tha night

So if u want it you should grind

Screw done put it down & he ain’t here

But I know up there he gotta smile

He lookin’ down and he lovin’ what we doin’ man

We doin shows makin hits

Dat be off da chain

So keep it real and represent

For da southside

We on a mission

Fidin’ take dis shit



We represent it, we represent it

We represent it

For da world wide


Where niggas hustle

And you see no hate

Off in dey eyes

We on da rise

And dats something

Dat you can’t deny

You best get ready

Cause da south is

Going world wide




Its been 24 years

I been ridin’ wit my niggaz

Hungry nights and fist fights

But we stay tight like faded triggaz

Represent it for da south

Houston Tex ta be exact

We might have our ups & downs

But we’ll never turn our backs

We live as one




One heart

One fear

One tear

And one love

One mind

One grind

And only one lord above

Only one dark cloud

Hangs over our heads

And when we used to go to sleep

We all slept in one bed

Just one destiny

To fulfill in dis life

We share one bad day

One struggle - one mic

Only one chance to make it

We goin take it - do it right

I only cut for two niggaz

One mex-c - one low life

We live as one 

Cortez Nikes



Cortez nikes

They’re tha kinda shoes that keep

Me light on my feet


Cortez nikes

They’re kinda outta style but they

Represent me


Cortez nikes

You know I keep em on me when I’m

Hustlin’ da streets


Cortez nikes

The only thing they touch is a

Cuff & a crease




My cortez hold me down

When boys are gettin’ pushy

Light on my feet

But could kick a head mushy

I’m no pussy

Somebody must be trippin’

Hard ass rubber

When I’m runnin’ they be grippin’

When I’m dippin’ them shitz boys

Keep me fly

And when I’m pimpin’

They keep tha bitches in line

I got em on everytime

You see me flippin’ a dime 

And when da law catch me drunk

They’re good for walkin’ a line

So I’m a quit talking shit

Get to tha moral of tha point

Somethin’ like that

I keepem on while smokin’ joints

So no matter where I go

No matter what I do

Nike held it down

They kept it real with one shoe

My cortez

I’m a sucka for colors if u know what I mean

That little nike check that comes in

Red, blue, or green

Yeah them forces are tight

But we were first on da scene

Matchin’ fat laces -heavy starch

Mug on mean


(low’s end cause at this he is best

Yes I’m the best at layin’ feet to yo chest

Our lil homie louie

Left his face in a mess

But I confess)

Ain’t Gone Brag

(there are other versions)

You ain’t OG but I’m a playa for real

And I be hustlin’ up on dollas

Tryin’ ice out my grill

No envy

Cause I done seen it all playa

Alligata shoes, 22’s on Navigators

Nothin’ new I see them

Shits every day

I floss a glacier blue lac

And I’ve been known to flip yay

Don’t fuck wit me, cause

I ain’t fuckin around

And I be runnin up on niggaz

Tryin’ to sew up my town

Chrome 38’s & bag full of rocks

And I don’t take no fuckin’ niggaz

Tryin’ sell in my spot

I runs em off & chase they

Ass across town

Den I hed back to tha spot

Got some homies around

We blazin’ sweets & fuckin’ wit hoes

And we don’t sweat no petty niggaz

Dats tha way dat shit goes 

(H-Town H-Town)

H-town H-town

Wreckin’ da game

Me & my homies rollin’ caddies

Livin’ large flippin’ yay


H-town H-town

Wreckin’ da game

Me & my homies rollin’ caddiz

Benden’ corners on blades


Anythang to get paid

If it was mafia I’d be made

Tha Lucianos wanna front me

But dey too fuckin’ fraid


I gives a fuck what you say

Bout all dem games that you play

You ain’t neva gone squash da southside

On tha top

We gone stay 

Hard Timez

The Streets of South Side



How many niggaz wanna roll with me

I said how many niggaz wanna run

Da streets of southside

Tha southside



Verse 1:

How many playas wanna roll with me

Thru h-town streets

Wanna love tha way it feels to know

You in too deep

I be hustlin’ major bricks

I’m all about my change

You can ask my brotha Low

He’ll tell you I ain’t gone change

I grew up in the ghetto life

And that’s how I see fit to live

Where boyz are peelin’ caps

And livin’ jus to be real

It’s a scary life ta live

But listen it’s all I know

So I’m a keep it real

And stay hustlin’ till I go

You could try ta hold me down

I’m claimin’ southside h-town

Mex-c, low, and massive trick

3 playas bout ta clown

So if you really love da south

Come on and ride with me

Cause I don’t need da fuckin’ Hamptons

Playboy I got da streets

Verse 2:

On tha southside it ain’t no luv in da streets

That’s why my brotha Mex-C

He put my ass on some beats

I know tha streets and it’s a cold, cold life

But when you’re young and inexperienced

You don’t care if it’s right

Look towards tha light and away from da pen

Just put your love and faith in god

He’ll overlook all your sins

U play to win cuz there ain’t no other way

But there is homeboy

Get on your knees and pray

That u don’t catch a case or hafta leave right away

Or that you wake up in tha mornin’ 2 a brighter day

There’re always thangs u can do to change

Of tha life u have to live even if it ain’t safe


Verse 3: 

You wanna run da streets but u don’t know how it is

With all tha jackaz & killas

It ain’t no place for a kid

You eva heard tha saying that u get what u give

I’m here 2 tell u right now it ain’t no way 2 live

I know how hard it is 2 escape tha insanity

U should put god first

And live your life 4 your family

cause growin up on da streets

It ain’t no treat - it’s a tragedy

I just wanted you 2 notice

Not 2 leave and abandon me

But that’s tha cards that was handed me

I still love my whole family

And when u look at me all it does

It just saddens me

Mic Check

Mic check -mic check- 1,2 -1,2

I’m bout ta blow a fuckin’ swisha

And I might just blow 2

Do I blow that bomb ass fuckin’ dank

Dat be sticky as glue

If it fell to da ground it might

Just stick to your shoe

I don’t be blowin’ bunk ass dank

I leave that fraud shit to you

Like when u do what u do

And try ta play cool

I wonda what u would look like

If I was smashin’ on u

You roll thru my hood

And you try to look hard

U wasn’t doin none of that punk

Ass shit when we was pullin’ yo card

U wonda what I would do

If yo ass tried ta snitch

I’ll tell u what the fuck I’d do

I’d bat tha piss out you bitch

So keep fuckin’ around

U might just get in some shit

I leave u sleepy w/ dem fishies

Cause your wig just got split 

Trying To Stay Alive

(there are other versions)

I’m fucked off in dez streets

Scared runnin’ grippin’ heat

I been a kind kind man

Dats bout ta lift ya feet

You learn ta smile with a frown

You ain’t different from da rest

Don’t hold it in like a bitch

 “P” get dat shit off yo chest

Cause muthafuckas tryin’ 2 see

Tha sunrise in da mornin’

Mouths wide open

Don’t jus mean dat u yawnin’

So u should recognize tha real

I never cut for da fake

It’s 25 to life dat I face

I’ll neva see da damn gates

This click is all OG’s

All stars -all street

All tired -all ridaz

We all feel dis beat

We like ta act real bad

Rocket’s jersey - no vest

We just some ghetto veterans

Houston TX - we da best

Actin’ bad on da slab

Throwin’ duece & givin’ daps

I’ll treat yo game like a scab

Peel it off & make it trash

So when you...... 

I Know Why

I know why all dez niggaz be hatin’

Cuz we don’t neva come fake

And down to banish you hataz

In no way, shape, or form

Can’t fade us

I’m a veteran playa

That’s tha reason I know why 


Three lil bad mutha fuckas from the 7-1-3

We rollin' around Pasadena

Blowin on whole trees

Got that killa off a Gary from the D-I-Z

Since I roll with a white boy

Got fools hatin' on me

But he ain't no punk muthafucka

He's a straight up g

Mean mugs and devilish grins

When I’m on my streets

But them niggaz act like bitches

When I grab my piece

I don't need no fuckin pen

Cause dis shit roll out my teeth 

(You Ain’t)

You ain't fasta than me nigga

You can't blast quicka than me nigga

You can't live by tha cold trigga

Cause you's a muthafuckin punk homeboy

And you can't cause you ain’t


You ain't tha type of muthafucka

Who could walk in tha street

Totin' heat - you ain't me

I'm a cold ass mexican

Down to murda just to eat

Da type that sport cortez

Ain't no gators on feet

Cause I don't need dat shit

To feel great bout myself

I just stand by my word

Keep it low and stack my wealth 

( Pasadena )


Pasadena’s where I’m from

And I’m rollin’ on “D’s”

Said I’m a hustla

Slangin’ bolda’s on them sticky green trees

I don’t be wearin’ gator shoes

I got nikes on my feet

Can’t u see I’m a G

Wrap my rag around my hand

And we can take it to da streets

So don’t be frontin’ on me

Cuz yo ass will get beat, homeboy

Yeah, you can come around me

But boy, don’t eva try to clown

Have niggaz puttin’ you to sleep

While I’m blowin’ a pound

And I’m bout to roll in a truck. 

(2 Dollar Bill)

I've sold crack and made stacks

That'll snap a niggaz back

Weighed sacks in a Cadillac that was 2 toned in the back

Niggaz laugh and want to act

Like they don't know where it's at

But when I rock it and chop it up

I keep em coming back

So how you like that

This mexican's for real

I ain't got nothing in my pocket

But a 2 dollar bill

But tomorrow is a brand new day

You can find me at the sink

Smoking sweets and cooking yay 

(No More Broke Days)

No more broke days

On da slab sittin’ sideways

My life is like a book

I’m bout to turn a new page

No more triple beams

Out there servin’ dope fiends

My people livin’ good

It was hard 

But now you see our dreams

Went from Hoodo to Cadillacs

With leather seats

25 to life over dope

Seems so unreal to me

But that’s da life we lived

Anything to feed our kids 

We came up goin’ hungry

I’ll be damned if that’s tha life they live

I’ll give em everything

No matta what it’s costin’ me 


Version 2: 

No more broke days

On da slab

Sittin side ways

My life is like a book

I'm about to turn a new page

No more triple beams

Out there servin dope fiends

Standing on the block

While dez hataz try and squash our dreams

(Claimin H-Town)

This is what we do

When we rollin through

Claimin h-town nigga

Ballin on your crew

We fidin ta set off 2

If ya mouth don't shut

I'll put a shottie in ya face

Playa take yo nuts

So what you want

Is what it is

That's how we ride

In this bitch

Run off at the mouth

And they might find

Your ass in a ditch


I love ridin on spokes nigga

Blowin with kin

I got a line of fucking bitches

Nigga trying to get in

But them hoes they can't win


Cause they too fuckin shittie

I'm playin with her clit

While my girls on her titties

I love those freaks in my city

They get it down to the gritty

And if she suck it right

I give a fuck if she pretty!



So when you open ya mouth (?)

Watch what come out

And let all ya homies know

Not to fuck with the south

We get down in this bitch

Riding dirty and shit

Shakin hatas off my jock

Blowin sweets watchin flix

(You Da Type)

You da type ta be off

In da club spendin' chips

We da type that fuck

Those hoes for free

And then take they grip

Read da shirt homeboy

I'm a hustla

And not a pimp

So don't be beggin

For an extra 2 dollaz

Cause I don't tip 

(Here I Come)

Here I come thru you(r ?) hood

I’m lookin’ fly in my ride

To all my homies locked down

Gonna put it up fa south side

We bout ta go for a ride

We bout ta give it to em live

I got a busted headlight

But it looks tight from da side

We head ta i-45… 

(Makin Moves)

makin' moves so quick

i'm a own da game

and if you move too quick

you might lose ya brain 

Ghetto Dreams

i hit da block and roll hard

step back and break jaws

catch me on da slab 

(Live It How You Get It)

live it how you get it

go ahead and split it

you've done stomped it 5 times

homeboy - dats how you get it 

(T. Cabana)

(need to check for accuracy)

the laws done pulled me over

think theres weed in the tire

but he really knows he stopped me

just so he could admire

you fuckin hata T. Cabana

wish you'd fuckin retire

(H-Town Hustla)

I’m a h-town hustla

Do you feel what I feel

And if I drove tha get away

Could you handle my steel

I only fucks withtha real 

(Thugs From H-Town)

We some thugs from h-town

Where we stackin’ big figgaz

Coupe deville, cherry wheel

You can’t get it no realla 


Tha southside

Gon give it to ya

In flossmode

We da home of kilos

And niggaz layin’ low 

(Twinkling Star)

Check it muthafuckas

I’m flossin’ & feelin’ high

Like a twinkling star 

Bezatine and 17

Version 1:

bezatine and 17 south side on choppas

smokin stick and watchin flix while throwin

deuce to the boppas, right in ya head

we gone knock ya and ain't stop till we drop ya

yo in my town you throwin frowns we send ya

straight to tha doctor


Version 2:

bezatine and 17 south side on choppas

to my home boy Dizzy goin straight

now don't let nobody stop ya

there's betta things to do wit ya life

homeboy then rockin up powda!

wipe away my tears

Unused Part


Blood cut's(?)

and many unwiped tears

i'll take away your

fears from now until

your last years 

(Won’t Stop)


won't stop until

dem hata get erased

you can demonstrate

da hate

but neva hold me down

i'm on a papa chase

ta try to sew up every town