Words from the Interview


Hypothetically, if you only had one, or one and a half messages, or two messages, or 2.5 messages, to say to your children, either collectively as a group, or individually one by one, whatever whatever whatever, and you only had one chance to do that, what would that be?


First I would say, I love all of yall, and yall are all a significant part of my life, and you still are, and I guess you’ll always be, right?

So…and… there is a purpose to everything, and that is there is a meaning to life, and there is a reason for being here, and it’s not to earn things or to have things, or to even, you know, say I am somebody, that’s crap. Because you can be nobody and still be somebody, to somebody.

That’s the whole point, your fellow man is everything. You take care of your people, and you hold em down, through everything. That’s what you’re supposed to do.

So, and… I guess to summarize it all, the whole point of being alive is to do good and to learn how to be a good person, and to pass that on to your soon, because he’ll pass that on to his son, and to his son, and to his son, and so on and so forth.

And in the end, if every son passes the right thing on to his son and his daughter, then the world will be a perfect place, and heaven will be achieved.

So, love everybody, until they hate you, and then still love them some more.

I love you.